SUPERDREAM comes true

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I will have much more to say and add as I am still on the vacation of my life.  Live on the Sunset Strip Superdoll event kicked off my 3 week adventure after my 13 years of struggle and loss.  If not for my amazing parents support, love, and picking up the tab has not only been cathartic but hopeful for what my future holds.

David would have loved this time away from Oklahoma, however he is with me in spirit and most of all heart as I miss him so.  Soon this will end and I will need to put my big girl panties on and move forward.  One thing I can say for sure is if I was to die today my life has been blessed knowing I have loved and lost love but have Jesus’ love for eternity.  To say this last couple weeks have gone without a hitch almost close to perfection makes my resolve of living fearless all the more powerful.


Lets go Glamping!


Leave it up to the dynamic SuperDuo to capture the true essence of the infamous and coveted Chalk White OOAK creations.

A select group of beloved Sybarite Collector’s were invited to view this latest incarnation of what the community refers to with love and respect “the Chalkies”

Their porcelain skin is like silk and whiter resin than the more commonly known as the Superdoll Sybarites which are in limited editions but available to those of us who can’t seem to own enough of them.

A key reason why the Chalkies are so valuable is not just are they dripping in the finest of fabrics stones and beads all OOAK Couture but are the only One of its KIND. Although many in the Superdoll world hate talking the dowry on these lovelies its fair to say they go for the price of a brand new car.

If you are fortunate enough to attend and have the luxury of money being no object,  it is my understanding you are not guaranteed to own one as the Duo are very particular with whom they sell too.

I do hope on my trip this summer to my first Sybarite let alone 1st doll convention ever is as elated to meet my hero’s who have created these beauties I have come to love and obsess over.

Thrilled to go would pass out if ever I was to see a Chalkie in person.

btw:  this image appears in the latest issue of Haute Doll Magazine. Sharing this image does not come close to owning the actual magazine filled with all kinds of doll community brilliance.
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